Pray for Project Hannah Listeners

Project Hannah (PH) supports countless women across the globe through its programs broadcasted across the world.

Today, there are also many supporters who bless this ministry through gifts to support production, and also through prayer in support of the those who listen to Project Hannah’s – Women of Hope programs, and use their monthly PH Prayer Diary to guide their intercession.

Here, in the midst of many difficulties faced by PH listeners, both PH prayer partners and groups are fighting to take hope and spiritual guidance to women and their families. They are helping women reach their families for God and see transformation in their lives. Dignity is being restored, families are being reunited, and prisoners are set free. These results have been encouraging the intercessors to pray with faith and cry out to their heavenly Father.

Remember, that while radio and the internet have no physical boundaries, it is your prayers that know no boundaries in transforming lives.


Latest issue: April – Praying for Women in Russia and Ukraine