About TWR

Trans World Radio (TWR) is perhaps the most far-reaching Christian broadcasting and media organisation in the world, broadcasting in over 220 languages and dialects in more than 160 countries. We operate and manage our work through regional teams in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Globally, TWR focuses on helping women, children and young people to make decisions that can transform their lives, even in the face of terrible abuses. We also help the Church around the world to develop its leadership and to increase the number of people who are choosing to follow Jesus Christ. We also develop innovative programs to connect with people who can neither read nor write. This latter group comprises nearly half the world’s population.

TWR Australia is most closely connected with TWR – Asia, and we have a special focus on Indonesia, China, India and Australia. We do care about needs in other countries and will repond  to partnership opportunities as they arise.

Our team in Australia has four main goals. These are:

  • Actively participate in the development of mission strategy, and its implementation
  • Raise increasing levels of financial support for the TWR global vision and mission
  • Generate ongoing prayer support for global projects
  • Ensure TWR Australia is sustainable across a number of important dimensions.

These goals will be achieved through well-constructed and strategic partnership projects that will make a difference to the lives of as many people as possible in those countries where the projects are implemented.